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In this industry, individuality is key. Therefore we ask you to provide us with a unique professional name. This becomes your ‘brand name’ and should be used for everything career-related (e.g. union membership and professional documentation) to make sure you can never be confused with another performer.

Not sure if someone else has your name? Simply visit for more information and ideas on how to change your name if it clashes with another performer.

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In order to join Spotlight, you’ll need to be professionally trained or experienced. Work as a supporting artist, dancer, model, singer or any promotional work doesn’t qualify you for membership. If you’re not sure whether the work or training you’ve done fits our requirements, email us before filling out your application.

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If you have an agent, please give us their details and we will add them to your Spotlight profile. If you don’t have an agent, you will be listed as ‘c/o Spotlight’ (care of Spotlight) and any casting enquiries will come to us and then be forwarded to you. This means your personal information stays private and you don’t miss out on casting opportunities.

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This will appear as your primary photo on your profile. It should be a high-quality, professional, head and shoulders portrait shot.

Your file size should be no less than 1MB and no more than 10MB. Ideally it should be 800 x 1200 pixels at 300 pixels per inch.

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As a new member of Spotlight you are entitled to a 30-day cooling-off period before we take payment. During this time you can cancel your application by emailing

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We accept payment by Visa and MasterCard. 

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